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Frank Pavone

Pope Francis saying to Fr. Frank Pavone, in one of his several encounters with him, "Rachel's Vineyard is a wonderful work. It’s excellent. Move forward with that!"

"The Church itself has actually well trained Fr Pavone for the battle that they put him in right now. Over 20 years of persecution gives you a lot of chance to redifine your call, to purify your heart and strengthen your faith to go forward against any odds!"
- MJ

Unanimous Resolution of the Board of Directors of Priests for Life (January 2024)

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Welcome to my personal web page! On this page I update you on various personal matters that supplement what you find on my ministry page, www.EndAbortion.US (Priests for Life) and its related pages.

I serve as the National Director of Priests for Life, National Pastoral Director of Rachel's Vineyard and the Silent No More Awareness Campaign and president of the National Pro-Life Religious Council. You can read more about me here.

Also, because I believe in full transparency and accountability to God and to you who support us, I post a Daily Diary, giving an account of everything I do each day. View my Daily Diary here

Abuse of Authority by Church Leaders Against Me and My Work

I have always said to pro-life activists that if you defend the unborn, you will be treated like them. Just like their very being and legitimacy is denied, so will yours be. Just as they are excluded and mistreated, so will you be.

We all expect that the pro-abortion groups, like Planned Parenthood, will target, harass and try to intimidate us on the pro-life side. And they do try.

But fewer expect such treatment from bishops and other Church authorities. Yet there are some in the hierarchy who will do exactly that, and have done so to me for many years. Instead of supporting and encouraging the pro-life work of the Church, some of these men try to obstruct and hinder it, and abuse their authority to try to intimidate priests like me who make ending abortion the top priority of our lives.

Now I am not into complaining, nor publicly criticizing others. Nor do I want to distract you, my friends, from the key thing we have to be thinking about and discussing, which is the task of ending abortion. But to the extent that the actions of certain bishops get in the way of that work, I will speak. And to help our friends who have questions about how we are being treated by these bishops, and also to refute our enemies who love to make up their own stories about all this, I will speak about certain things here on this website so that you have the full story.